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Do what interests you . . .what fits your personality. You are more likely to be happy and successful in your career, training program, or college major. Research shows this.


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Choosing College Based On Your Personality
More than 200,000 downloads in first six months! 29 pages of expert, practical advice for students, adults, parents . . . based on major scientific studies (free).
Personality College Major Match and Student Success
A "must have" for educators, thought leaders. Unique. The science simply explained. Practical guidance for helping youth and adults succeed in college. Free, 28-pg. download.

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Match Up! Your Personality to College Majors 2013 ebook

Choose a major the right way: The only source to scientifically match your Holland personality types to all U.S. & Canadian majors and training programs. Easy to browse PDF.

What Job is Best for Me? 2013 ebook

What Job is Best for Me? Career Key's most popular eBook by nationally recognized counseling psychologist Dr. Lawrence K. Jones. PDF: $8.95; + Career Key test: $14.50.