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The Career Key By Lawrence K. Jones, Ph.D., NCC
Your Personality
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What's New

Career Key Will Present and Exhibit at Cannexus 2010, January 25-27, 2010, Ottawa

On Tuesday morning, Juliet Wehr Jones, Vice President of Career Key, will be presenting "Choosing a Post Secondary Program; Increase the Odds of Success." She will focus on practical "takeaways" from the latest research demonstrating students increase their likelihoodof post-secondary success by using Holland's Theory of Vocational Choice to match personality with majors and training programs.

The Career Key's Career Decision Profile (CDP) will also be featured in a Tuesday morning presentation "Measuring the Impact of Career Interventions: How Do You Know It Works?" by Felicity Morgan and Joan McCurdy-Meyers, University of Toronto Mississauga Career Centre.

November, 2009
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August, 2009

July, 2009

  • The Career Key Summer 2009 Newsletter is now available for free download, with CK News, new products/updates and CK media coverage. For more information, please visit our Career Key newsletter page.

April 6-8, 2009 Cannexus 2009

We are celebrating Career Key Canada's recent launch at Cannexus 2009, Canada's national career development conference, by offering special discounts, presenting and exhibiting. Juliet Wehr Jones, the Vice President of Career Key Canada, invites you to stop by our Exhibit table in the Exhibit hall to:

  • receive your test user code for 30 free Career Key Canada tests (a $30 value*) (1 per organization please),

  • enter to win a test user code for 250 free Career Key Canada tests (a potential $250 value*),

  • see a demonstration of our website, including our free, professionally developed online guide to choosing a career,

  • read copies of our eBooks, like the popular, new "2009 What Job is Best for You?"

  • see copies of the paper/pencil versions of The Career Key in English, Chinese (traditional and simple character versions), Spanish, and Romanian

We also invite you to attend Ms. Jones's conference presentation on Monday, April 6 from 1:30 to 3 p.m. called "The Career Key Canada: An Exciting New Internet Resource."

If you cannot attend Cannexus 2009, you can still enter to win the 250 free tests code and receive:

  • a complimentary single user Career Key test code,

  • a copy of our conference presentation, and

  • a copy of our popular eBook, "2009 What Job Is Best for You?"

  • the option to link your website to the professionally developed career articles on our website.

  • Just comply with our linking policy - no need to ask our permission.

Simply contact Ms. Jones by May 1, 2009 at and she will email them to you. We look forward to hearing from you!

We are also offering a special promotion until May 1, 2009:

Career and employment development professionals can use the promo code CANNEXUS at our website checkout to save 20% off

Please feel free to contact Ms. Jones at (206) 850-6195, PDT and if you have any questions.

*Our normal affordable discounts: Please make sure to learn about our $1 per online test discount for counsellors, educators, and other career development professionals.


July, 2008

  • The spread of harmful invalid career tests, especially on the internet, is a growing problem attracting national media attention. Top career development news outlets recently took the lead in raising awareness that people are harmed by invalid career tests, matched with careers chosen with no scientific basis. And viewing invalid career tests as "harmless guidance" denies the importance users give their test results while diminishing the credibility of the career development profession.

    In the last six months, Dr. Lawrence K. Jones, author of the popular Career Key public service website and a recognized national expert on career development, wrote three articles in the top career development trade publications read by approximately 30,000 career development professionals nationwide:

    • November/December 2007 issue of School Counsellor magazine, "Testing the Test: Career interest tests can be an important tool in a school counsellor's repertoire.  Not, however, if the tests aren't valid.  Learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff," published by the American School Counsellors Association. For an article download, visit our Press Room.
    • May 2008 issue of the national Washington Counseletter, "Special Report: Testing the Test; Harming Students by Using an Invalid Career Test," published by Chronicle Guidance Publications; and
    • Summer 2008 issue of NCDA's Career Developments magazine, "Caution: Internet-Based Assessments May Be Hazardous to Your Career," published by the National Career Development Association.

    Concern about harmful career tests has spread to the national media. In the Sunday June 29 column for Tribune Media Services, one of the U.S.'s most well-known career columnists, Joyce Lain Kennedy, wrote about invalid career tests: "Tests Just One Spoke on Career Wheel."  See the column here.

    And MSNBC's career columnist, Eve Tahmincioglu, wrote about The Career Key in her popular blog, Career Diva, listing our tips for choosing the right career test. Check out her post here.

May, 2008

  • We are proud to announce the launch of our newest website, Career Key Canada. Canadian users can now take the scientifically valid Career Key test and receive accurate, up to date, and comprehensive Canadian information about matching Canadian jobs that interest them. We also integrated into the Career Key Canada website the best online Canadian resources for occupational information, labour market forecasts, and education options.

March - July, 2007

  • Created an easy-to-use, one-page Guide to Using The Career Key® to Meet the ASCA National Model Competencies. Download here.
  • March 3rd we presented at the Joint Conference of the Oregon and Washington School Counsellor Associations on "Meeting ASCA Standards Using the Career Key®" Practical and affordable methods school counsellors can use to meet the competencies of the ASCA National Model were discussed. Download handouts.
    More . . .
  • July 6 we will present at The National Career Development Association Global Conference in Seattle, WA: The Career Key® and Global Collaboration via the Internet: Case Study - The Caribbean. Ms. Angela deFreitas, the preeminent leader of career counselling and guidance in the Caribbean will be our guest and co-presenter. The Career Key® is truly international in its impact, positively affecting the lives of students and adults.

January, 2007

  • The Self-Employment Key progresses. It will give you expert help in answering: Do I want to be self-employed? Be an entrepreneur? Own my own business? Which businesses best fit my personality? It is based on the best science and practices of career counselling. You get comprehensive, accurate information about each one you identify.
  • A special version of the Career Key test will match your personality with occupations where 10 percent or more of the people are self-employed AND much more . . . It will be ready in the fall.

September, 2006

  • The five island/nation tour presenting the Caribbean edition of the Career Key was warmly received by school counsellors, educators, and labour officials. The presentations were given by the author, Dr. Lawrence Jones, and the publisher, Ms. Angela DeFreitas. It was sponsored by the ministries of education, St. George’s University, J.E. Bergasse, PSDP/European Union and Jolly Beach Vacations.

May, 2006

  • The online store of the American School Counsellor Association offers the new notebook version of the Career Key.More.....

March, 2006

  • A simple, inexpensive, discounted group purchase option created for taking the Career Key® test. This gives schools, colleges, and other groups an affordable option for offering the Career Key test to those they serve.

February, 2006

  • Updated the occupational information database for the Career Key website with the new 2006-7 data from the Bureau of Lab or Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook. All of the occupational information visitors receive at the Career Key website is based on this new data -- the newest and most comprehensive available.

September, 2005

  • Fee-based Career Key test created to support increasing costs of the website.

July, 2005

  • The redesign of The Career Key® website is completed and launched!  Begun in April (see below), it is designed to fulfill our mission: to be The nation's source for professional help in making career choices.  Email us with your comments.

June, 2005

Five new modules added:

  • Self-Employment is designed to help individuals make a thoughtful, informed decision about whether self-employment is a good option for them.
  • Getting Started shows visitors how make the best use of the many resources on the Career Key website . . . where to start and how to proceed.
  • Networking describes a powerful strategy for job searching and career development.  Practical steps for developing an effective network are described.
  • Changing Careers is about making good decisions about changing one's career.

April, 2005

The highly respected web design firm, Gravitate Design Studio, helps us consider the aesthetics, graphic design, navigation, and content of our website.  How can we best fulfill our mission: The nation's source for professional help in making career choices -- the website everyone goes to for expert help with career choices -- career changes, career planning, job skills, and choosing a college major or educational program.

March, 2005

Job Satisfaction added.  Based on more than 40 years of research, this article helps us understand why some workers are happy in their work and others are dissatisfied (over 50%).  Visitors learn eight proven strategies for maximizing job satisfaction.

March, 2005

Holland's Theory of Career Choice and You revised to include guidance for those people who have inconsistent personality patterns, like Realistic-Social.

January, 2005

Angela deFreitas, the dominant leader in career education and development in Jamaica, and publisher of the Caribbean Career Key, launches A D Publications website, Choices. Through her efforts the Caribbean Career Key now serves thousands of adults and children.

April, 2004

In collaboration with the USAID and Alternative Sociale in Romania, The Career Key® paper-pencil test was translated and adapted for use in Romania.  This was part of a grant to discourage the exploitation of children, especially sex slave trafficking.  The Romanian Career Key is now being distributed to teachers and counsellors by UNICEF.

February, 2004

The Value of Career Counselling & Guidance added.  The authors of this report reviewed the research literature for studies investigating the educational, social, and economic benefits of informed career decisions.  The results help counsellors and educators justify career counselling and career guidance programs.

February, 2004

Achieving the ASCA National Standards helps professional school counsellors use resources on the Career Key website to meet most of the American School Counselling Association's student competencies for Career Development, as well as many in the Academic and Personal/Social areas.

January, 2004

Beware of Harmful 'Tests' on the Internet is written for the public.  It describes how invalid career tests can mislead and harm people.  If evidence of validity is not given, people should assume that they are invalid and harmful -- and this includes most of the measures on the Internet.

January, 2004

Harmful Career 'Assessments' on the Internet warns professional counsellors and educators about the profusion of new career tests, quizzes, sorters, finders, and profilers on the Internet -- and the potential harm invalid measures can do to their students and clients.

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