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The Career Key By Lawrence K. Jones, Ph.D., NCC
Education Options
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Enterprising Majors and Training Programs

Click on the Work Group (in blue) that has the occupations that interest you. You will see several of the majors, training, and instructional programs related to these groups of jobs. This will give you an idea of some of those that match your interests.

To help you, we have created a new ebook, Match Up! Your Personality to College Majors. Click here to learn about it, how to order and download it to your computer.

It is best if you look at the instructional programs for your two top personality types. When you are finished with this page, you can see the occupations, majors and training programs for the other five Holland types by clicking: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, or Conventional.

When you are finished, go to Final Steps.

5.01 Sales & Purchasing
Insurance Sales Agent
Purchasing Agent or Buyer
Real Estate Sales Agent
Retail Salesperson
Sales Agent, Financial Services
Sales Engineer
Sales Representative, Wholesale & Manufacturing
Wholesale or Retail Buyer

5.02 Hospitality, Beauty & Customer Services
Flight Attendant
Gaming Service Worker
Hairdresser, Hairstylist, or Cosmetologist
Tour Guide
Travel Agent

5.03 Legal Practice & Support
Administrative Law Judge/ Hearing Officer
Arbitrator, Mediator, or Conciliator
Law Clerk
Paralegal/Legal Assistant

5.04 Business Administration
Administrative Services Manager
Chief Executive Officer
Computer and Information System Manager
Construction Manager
Compensation & Benefits Manager
Employment Interviewer
Engineering Manager
Farm, Ranch, or Other Agricultural Manager
Food Services Manager
Funeral Director
Gaming Manager
General and Operations Manager
Human Resources, Training, and Labour Relations Manager or Specialist
Industrial Production Manager
Lodging Manager (e.g., Hotel, Motel, Resort)
Natural Science Manager
Nursery or Greenhouse Manager
Producer or Program Director (TV/radio, movies, theatre)

5.04 Business Administration, continued
Property or Real Estate Manager
Purchasing Manager
Supervisor or Manager of Farming, Fishing or Forestry Workers
Supervisor or Manager of Landscaping or Groundskeeping Workers
Supervisor or Manager of Office & Administrative Support Workers
Supervisor or Manager of Retail Sales Workers
Technical Director/Manager (TV/radio, movies, theatre)
Transportation, Storage, or Distribution Manager

5.05 Finance
Accountant or Auditor
Appraiser, Real Estate
Financial Manager
Loan Officer
Personal Financial Advisor
Treasurer, Controller, or Chief Financial Officer

5.06 Government & Public Administration
Archivist or Curator
Education Administrator
Government Service Executive
Medical and Health Service Manager
School Principal

5.07 Promotion
Advertising and Promotions Manager
Advertising Sales Agent
Copy Writer
Marketing Manager
Public Relations Manager
Public Relations Specialist
Sales Manager

5.08 Regulations Enforcement
Financial Examiner
Immigration or Customs Inspector
Occupational Safety and Health Inspector
Tax Examiner, Collector, or Revenue Agent


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Education Options
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