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The Career Key By Lawrence K. Jones, Ph.D., NCC
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Social Majors and Training Programs

Click on the Work Group (in blue) that has the occupations that interest you. You will see several of the majors, training, and instructional programs related to these groups of jobs. This will give you an idea of some of those that match your interests.

To help you, we have created a new ebook, Match Up! Your Personality to College Majors. Click here to learn about it, how to order and download it to your computer.

It is best if you look at the instructional programs for your two top personality types. When you are finished with this page, you can see the occupations, majors and training programs for the other five Holland types by clicking: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Enterprising, or Conventional.

When you are finished, go to Final Steps.

4.01 Social Services
Child, Family, or School Social Worker
Clinical Psychologist
Counselling Psychologist
Educational, Vocational, or School Counsellor
Eligibility Interviewer
Health Educator
Marriage and Family Therapist
Mental Health Counsellor
Probation Officer or Correctional Treatment Specialist
Rehabilitation Counsellor

4.02 Nursing, Therapy, & Health Promotion Athletic Trainer
Dental Hygienist
Dietitian or Nutritionist
Dietetic Technician
Massage Therapist
Psychiatric Aide
Occupational Therapist
Occupational Therapy Assistant
Physical Therapist
Physical Therapy Assistant
Physician Assistant
Recreational Therapist
Registered Nurse
Respiratory Therapist
Speech-Language Pathologist

4.03 Child & Adult Care
Child Care Worker
Dental Assistant
Home Health Aide
Licensed Practical or Vocational Nurse
Medical Assistant
Nurse Aide

4.04 Education & Library Services
College or Community College Teacher
Elementary School Teacher
Health Specialties Teacher, Postsecondary
Instructional Coordinator
Law Teacher, Postsecondary
Library Technician or Assistant
Middle School Teacher
Nursing Instructor or Teacher
Philosophy or Religion Teacher, Postsecondary
Preschool or Kindergarten Teacher
Secondary School Teacher
Self-Enrichment Education Teacher
Special Education Teacher
Teacher Assistant
Teacher, Postsecondary

4.05 Sport, Recreation & Fitness
Coach or Scout
Fitness Trainer or Aerobics Instructor
Recreation Worker
Sports Official, Umpire, or Referee

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Education Options
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  The Holland College Major Environments
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  Liberal Arts, Humanities & General Studies Majors

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