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“Free Career Tests”?

The words "free career test" make no sense . . . unless you are trying to trick someone . . . to make money at someone else's expense.

Here's why: It takes years of research to create a good career test. Plus, money, knowledge, and technical skill. It also takes thousands of dollars to put it on a website, market and maintain it. Who could afford to do this for nothing?

If you are serious, you want a "valid" career test -- one that has scientific evidence showing that it measures what it is supposed to measure. Invalid career tests can harm you.

The Career Key test is a good one. Learn more.

Invalid career tests, quizzes, sorters and the like are a serious problem. They are widely available on the Internet. They are also found on many federal, province, school, and college websites.

Taking a valid, reliable career test can be a valuable investment. It can help you make a good decision. Take the time to become informed -- be a smart consumer.

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