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College Major Match

A new service to boost student recruitment, grades, retention, and graduation.

This new and unique service scientifically matches students’ personality to majors – a crucial element in school success according to recent studies.

Research studies show that the closer students’ personality matches their major, the more likely they are to get better grades, stick with their college major, and graduate on time.

A study by ACT® scientists found that this match predicted overall GPA after five years better than ACT scores!.1

Critical to this matching is a scientifically valid,

  • Measure of the six Holland personality types, and
  • Classification of majors, by the six Holland environments.

The Career Key® provides this by,


  • Based on scientific studies;
  • Affordable, easy access;
  • Easy, fast implementation;
  • Generates traffic to your website;
  • Customized to meet your needs;
  • Links to College Services and Departments; and
  • Strengthens your efforts to recruit, admit, advise, retain, and graduate students on time.
  • View our video for more.

Details: please email Vice President, Juliet Wehr Jones.

1 Tracey, T. J., & Robbins, S. B. (2006). The interest-major congruence and college success relation: A longitudinal study. Journal of Vocational Behaviour, 69, 64-89.

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