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Do you want to strengthen school and college achievement? Job satisfaction and success?

Major studies show that students who choose a college major that is compatible with their Holland personality type are likely to,

  • Earn higher grades,

  • Stick with their choice of major through graduation,

  • Graduate on time, and

  • Be more satisfied and successful in their career.

These results apply to students in middle and high schools, as well as adults returning to school.

Increased persistence, retention, graduation rates, and job satisfaction. Yes, "Personality-Environment Match" matters.

The research is recent and relatively unknown. It was done in the past ten years, primarily by scientists associated with ACT, and has been published in technically-challenging, peer-reviewed scientific journals. Read this recent free, e-book written for the public -- Choosing a College Major Based on Your Personality, What does the research say?

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Only Career Key offers you,

This enables youth and adults to match their personality and interests to occupations, career fields, college majors, and training programs – to make good career decisions -- leading to academic and career success.

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Lawrence K. Jones, Ph.D., NCC President, Career Key.


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